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(PADET) Guidelines for applicants

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(PADET) Guidelines for applicants

  • All applicants must be based in New Zealand.
  • All applications must be consistent with the criteria laid down in the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust Deed, that is:

    - to advance education, and thereby promote international peace, arms control and disarmament
    - not be contrary to any policy of the New Zealand Government
    - funds must be used for charitable purposes.

The Trust will not normally fund:
  • Projects to fund the purchase of land, buildings, furniture or fittings
In addition, unless there are exeptional circumstances, the Trust will also not fund
  • General running costs or day-to-day administraion expenses such as salaries, stationery, maintenance or office equipment (including computers)
  • Retrospective projects (that is, projects which have already been completed or events which have already taken place)

Although there is no set limit of assistance that can be approved it is expected that the amount will be proportionate to a project's anticipated fulfilment of the objectives of the Trust. Grants will normally be one-off payments. Most project grants are for amounts less than $5,000.
Assistance to projects is, of course, dependent on the availability of funds. In cases where a project is highly recommended but funds are not available within the allocation period, the applicant may be invited to resubmit the application at a later date.

The decisions of the Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control and of the Trustee are final.

How to apply:
  • Applications close twice a year - 31 May and 30 September.
  • Applicants are notified of decisions within three months of those dates.
  • All successful applicants must undertake to report to PADET as specified in the terms of agreement for their grant, and to also provide at least one complementary copy of any publication or item produced.
  • Applications must be made on the application form: download the Application form here (.pdf format) 182k. Once the form is downloaded to your computer, you can print it, then complete it using a pen and return the form and accompanying material to us by mail. Forms in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site. Hard copy versions are available from Community Development Group or email us.
  • Anyone who is, or intends to enrol as, a postgraduate degree student pursuing research of interest to the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust (PADET), may apply for a scholarship.

About PADET scholarships
List of previous grants and scholarships awarded

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