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Gambits (Gaming Compliance newsletter)

Gambits is a newsletter issued by the Regulation and Compliance Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs, aimed at gaming machine societies and site operators.

You can read or make a copy of the most recent edition by clicking on the link below:

NEW! Gambits - June 2006 (.pdf) 766k*
Gambits Index:
Gambits 2003-2006 Index (67k)*

*This document is in the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf format). To view or download this newsletter, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader programme on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free version from the Adobe site. Hard copy versions are available from Gaming Compliance.

Previous editions

You can read or copy previous editions by selecting from the list below:
Gambits - March 2006 (630k)*

Gambits - December 2005 (300k)*

Gambits - September 2005 (500k)*

Gambits - June 2005 (390k)*

Gambits - March 2005 (1.2m)*

Gambits - December 2004 (960k)*

Gambits - September 2004 (946k)*

Gambits - June 2004 (800k)*

Gambits - March 2004 (1m)*

Gambits - December 2003 (700k)*

Gambits - July 2003 (2m)*

Gambits - April 2003 (1m)*

Gambits - December 2002 (476k)*

Gambits - September 2002 (1.2m)*

Gambits - July 2002 (319k)*

Gambits - March 2002 (40k)*

Gambits - December 2001 (91k)*

Gambits - August 2001 (243k)*

Gambits - June 2001 (93k)*

Gambits - March 2001 (108k)*

Gambits - December 2000 (116k)*

If you would like a printed copy of the most recent edition please email:

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