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Ich bin ein Berliner

Graham Reid's many things | Sep 21, 2005 06:53

Well, one newspaper said the country was in crisis because of the uncertain election result, and another said that the voters had lost the opportunity for some necessary reforms.

And of course the two protagonists were all over the television looking assured and ready to form a coalition with whoever from some rag-tag parties who might now be essential for their survival.

There was a lot of coming and going: She with Them and He with Them ... and plenty of pundits being interviewed on television. She was looking happy and tough-minded, he pretty much the same.

What a worry.

But oddly enough the country itself didn't feel like it was in crisis. Sure the currency fell a little, but mostly people went about their business as usual.

Down by the parliament tourists took photos of its distinctive domed architecture and the guys cleaning the windows were laughing and waving at the cameras. If there was a crisis, no one had told these people.

So we went about our day in the slightly crisp weather, and by lunchtime when we were having a beer had forgotten entirely that there was a sort of hung-election, and that somewhere behind closed doors people were wheeling and dealing.

Anyway, that's what's happening in Germany right now: a really close election result . . . and people still carrying on with life.

So, how are things in Kiwiland?

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