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Keith Ng on the election trail | Sep 09, 2005 02:16

Not long before the politicians storm the beaches now, so I reckon it's time for a bit of R&R and to stretch those voting muscles - so get some practice by voting for the Glammies at To help you on your way, here's my friend Maddy, who's been nominated for a few categories, including "Hot Chick". Also nominated is His Grace Bishop Brian Tamaki, for the Best Hairdo and HeteroHero (for uniting the GLBT community like nothing else) categories.

And for some Office-like cringe humour, how about the Brash-Dunne meeting? Dumping Hide was a long time coming, but did Brash really have to make out with Dunne in Hide's own turf? It's like a spiteful ex who *wants* their spurned partner to see them with someone else.

Speaking of bad exes, I had an interview with Blumsky this week where he dished the dirt on his old chums, United Future. Funny thing being that I interviewed Blumsky on Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon, UF suddenly became National's new love. Should be interesting. More next week...

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