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No-one is illegal 2: My part in Phillip Field's downfall, and his part in Dividing the Nation and saving my sanity | Sep 21, 2005 09:09

Living the invasion with Tze Ming Mok

Yellow Peril returns to Tilegate: Why? 1. Seeing bloggers use 'Taito' as Phillip Field's first name (it's a matai title guys) is driving me crazy. 2. My growing suspicion that I personally declined Sunan Siriwan refugee status to start with.....

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Ich bin ein Berliner | Sep 21, 2005 06:53

Graham Reid's many things

Well, one newspaper said the country was in crisis because of the uncertain election result, and another said that the voters had lost the opportunity for some necessary reforms. And of course the two protagonists were all over the television looking assured and ready to form a coalition with whoever...

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Looking like a winner | Sep 20, 2005 10:20

Russell Brown's Hard News

A good part of looking like a winner is acting like a winner, and as John Armstrong says today, Helen Clark is wasting no time doing that. Lots of handshakes and hongi, and a very clear intention to project a sense of business being carried on...

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All The Pretty Voters | Sep 20, 2005 09:00

David Slack on his own account

Here's a test for you: in all the First Past the Post elections since 1935, what was the lowest percentage of the vote required for a party to win office? The answer is 35.05%. It was 1993...

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Tired Old Warhorses | Sep 19, 2005 17:12

Che Tibby's view from Wellington

Noticing this afternoon that none of the other PA bloggers had gotten in to do an election post-mortem I thought I'd put my hand up. Naturally there's no government yet, but there are still perhaps some lessons to be gleaned from the results as they stand...

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Party-Hopping 2005 (updated with photos) | Sep 18, 2005 04:13

Keith Ng on the election trail

One quote captured election night. Sitting in front of the TV at National's Wellington Central party, a young lad of about 7 or 8 dressed in a mini-tux with a puzzled look on his face asked: "It's all gone down somewhere, where has it all gone?"...

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Number One with a Bullet | Sep 15, 2005 12:37

Damian Christie - Cracker With Attitude

I went to the APRA Silver Scroll Awards the other night. The lamb was great, in case you're wondering, but I couldn't help but wonder about how much money the event cost compared with the average income of the kiwi musician...

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Rongo vs Brashie | Sep 15, 2005 09:28

Fiona Rae from the couch

Holy crap, I've got a blog! I, like, totally forgot. Sorry. But on to more pressing matters, the question on everyone's lips: how the hell does Rongo keep getting through on NZ Idol? I think we know why Keshia got the boot - it's the girls that vote and they...

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The Opposite of Cold Showers | Sep 15, 2005 09:10

GUEST David Haywood on Energy policies

Being an energy engineer has given me some insight into the complaints of my ex-girlfriend. "I just don't understand you," I find myself saying. "You never listen." Such is the unhappy relationship between the energy engineer and the energy-consuming public...

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On Treaty and Race | Sep 14, 2005 08:50

GUEST Politics Lecturer Dr Jon Johansson weighs in

"Playing the race card may help us win - then come Monday how do we run the country?" - Jim Bolger (1990) - In a few days New Zealanders will go to the polls with our eclectic mix of motivations...

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Information Entrepreneurs | Sep 06, 2005 08:39

RUSSELL BROWN, National Library, Sept 2, 2005

The following is the text of a paper presented to the Research, Libraries, Collections, Creating Knowledge conference at the National Library, Wellington, on September 2, 2005. A recording of the address, with a few more jokes in it, is available at

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Gurgle, again | Aug 12, 2005 12:14

Jolisa Gracewood in New Haven

There we were again, all over the leaders' debate on TV3 last night. The lost generation, the brain drain, the flying New Zealander: simultaneously cultural bogeyman and utterly bribe-worthy. Peter Dunne was out of the gate first, offering to "fix the brain drain" by reducing student loan principal by ten...

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That's all folks | Sep 12, 2004 23:50

Rob O'Neill live in Sydney

In this life you get out what you put in, son. That's what I tell today's insolent youth when I bail them up on the bus with their butt-crack showing above belt-less balloon pants. Son, pull yourself together, I say...

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