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Winner - Best Personal Blog - 2003 Netguide Web Awards

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Damian Christie is an Auckland-based writer-cum-media whore.

His chequered past includes time spent working as an entertainment lawyer, in right-wing radio, speech writing in parliament, a stint as Dr Love on 'Love Songs to Midnight', oyster farmer, shearing gang gopher, cocktail bartender, waterbed salesman…

At present however, he's pretty much narrowed it down to working as a TV producer, writing for various publications and a bit of law work thrown in for good measure. He is also host of the wildly successful "Sunday Best" show on Auckland's Radio 95bFM (10am - 12pm, NZST - why not listen to it on the net?)

His likes include ostensibly witty yet extremely drunken conversations in the dark corner of a bar.

His pet hates are pretty limited but definitely include Dame Susan Devoy. Definitely, definitely.

He collects disapproving glances and condescending smirks. And oddly shaped stones.

He lives with a cat, which he optimstically describes as "big-boned", and the comfort of knowing that he's right more than half of the time.