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Labour Student Loan Calculator
"Forward. Together"

This is just one of a number of Labour policies that will benefit your family.
Have a look at these links for information on our policies.
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This calculator is provided to help give student loan borrowers an estimate of the impact of Labour's policy on their individual circumstances. The key assumptions underlying the calculator are::

  • Inflation adjustment of 2.8% and base interest of 4.2% - the current rates for 2005/06
  • The repayment threshold is $16,588 - the current one for 2005/06
  • Adjusted upwards by 2.8% inflation each year.
  • Inflation adjustment of the threshold is government policy.
  • Income growth is set by the user, but assumed to be constant throughout.
  • Interest is calculated on an annual basis.
  • Current interest write-off provisions are factored in.
  • These may differ from the assumptions made in other student loan calculators.
  • The calculator may not display correctly on some Macintosh computers running third party browsers.

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