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ACT on the Environment and Conservation

Environment and Conservation

ACT's Principles

  • Ensuring the survival of our valued species will require competent management, large investment and individual commitment.
  • We can't save the environment by going back to old technology and a closed economy.
  • All New Zealanders must share responsibility for the quality of the environment.

Proposals: The Environment needs all New Zealanders

  • Environmental costs should be borne by those causing them (the polluter pays concept).
  • Government has a duty to ensure that a full range of New Zealand's natural heritage is protected in perpetuity, and must provide a supportive legal framework.
  • Establishment of a Conservation Foundation to set priorities and allocate funds.
  • DOC's advocacy role must be removed to enable them to focus on management.
  • ACT will review all Conservation/Environment associated legislation to reflect these principles:
    • acceptance of property rights, including tradeability and portability of property rights.
    • the concept of 'net conservation benefit'.
  • Environmental legislation to be effects-based, which implies substantial changes the RMA. (ACT has a separate RMA Policy that details these changes).

Environmental Management

ACT's Policy and Principles:

  • ACT supports sustainable harvest, pest control and integrated use
  • A Timberlands style structure offers the 'best practise' environmental management for the public estate.
  • Identification of traditional use establishes value and is essential. E.g. Stewart Island's White Tail Deer have recreational value and the Lord's River has botanical values. Both should be managed accordingly.

ACT would:

  • Seek to identify those areas of high natural botanical values on the public estate for priority spending that ensures preservation. However it is not possible or desirable to manage, solely for preservation, the 33% of New Zealand that is in Crown control.
  • Seek to identify those areas, of public land, with high hunting and recreational use value for integrated management.
  • DoC's resources and expertise will be focussed on habitat restoration and on species recovery programmes for species such as the Kakapo, such as Kakapo, Black Stilt and Chatham Island Robin.

ACT believes:

  • That the public can enhance biodiversity by private stewardship and investment.
  • That the 1950s command and control practises must be rejected.
  • That New Zealand must recognise the imperatives of
    • Active management of the environment
    • Long term investment in the environment
    • Sustainable harvest of the environment
    • Financial reward for enhancing the environment
  • ACT recognises the value of property rights because these are nature's best defence against environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity.
  • ACT will respect private property rights.

Kiwis for ACT

Kathleen Keen, Self Employed, Mana

Those that do the Crime also do the Time – that’s Fair Justice.

Tom Day, Technician, Auckland

I support ACT policies like a less dominating government, less tax and a stop to welfare abuse. I also favour the scrapping of the NCEA.

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