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New Zealand First's energy policy is based on four basics aims: to guarantee security of supply; to achieve greater investment in the industry in order to produce more electricity; to facilitate energy efficiencies; and, to ensure that energy is supplied at a fair and reasonable price.

In order to achieve this New Zealand First will:

  • provide incentives for ongoing investment in electricity generation, with a particular focus on local generation where feasible;
  • explore the ongoing feasibility of energy options as technology and availability makes them practicable;
  • seek to minimise the environmental costs of generating electricity whilst facilitating continuity of supply. There will be no privatisation of Meridian, Genesis, and Mighty River Power, Transpower, or Solid Energy;
  • ensure that barriers to competition are identified and removed within both the electricity retail and wholesale sectors;
  • consider a range of incentives for reducing demand in times of restricted low supply;
  • evaluate the fixed line charging regime with a view to ensuring smaller domestic consumers are not disadvantaged;
  • ensure that energy efficiency measures are encompassed by the wider energy policies of government; and,
  • amend the RMA to provide for a more rapid consents process for infrastructure projects, while ensuring local input is preserved.

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