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Changes to New Zealand Passport and Citizenship Overseas Service

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Housie Rules Consultation Document
Following the enactment of the Gambling Act 2003, the old Housie Regulations will be repealed and replaced by new Housie Rules, which will take effect from 1 July 2004. The purpose of this consultation document is to invite feedback on what the new Housie rules should look like. We want you to think about the issues set out in this booklet and let us have your opinions on what should be done. Submissions close 16 April 2004.

Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct
The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Helen Clark, announced this Commission of Inquiry on 4 February 2004. The Commission has yet to be established.

Gambling Act Consultation (22/03/04)
Consultations are currently being undertaken on the following aspects of the Gambling Act 2003: - Lotteries, Instant Games, Games of Chance and Prize Competitions - Games played on Gaming Machines - Minimum Standards and List of Game Rules in Class 4 Venues - Limits on Venue Expenses - Proposed Minimum Standards for Gaming Machine Equipment. Submissions by 22 April 2004.

Gaming Statistics
Gaming expenditure statistics, machine numbers, society numbers, percentage of machines by society.

Two New Local Government Related Bills
The Local Government Law Reform (No. 3) Bill and the Local Government (Auckland) Amendment Bill were tabled in the House on 29 April 2004. Both Bills are programmed for enactment by 30 June 2004.

Changes to New Zealand Passport and Citizenship Overseas Service
From 1 April 2004 New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) posts will no longer issue full validity manual passports or first time passport applications. The MFAT posts will also no longer process applications for citizenship by descent, though they will continue to be issued by the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand, Sydney and London.

Important Notice for New Zealand passport holders planning travel to the United States
Recent reports in the New Zealand and international media have indicated that all holders of passports from visa waiver countries will need to obtain a USA entry visa before commencing their travel to or via the USA from 26 October 2004. These reports are not correct in respect of New Zealand.

Review of Fire Legislation
Summary and background information about the consultation process for review of Fire legislation administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.

A warning about emails
The Department's address has been duplicated from an external user's address book by a virus which is sending out messages containing the virus under the webmaster's name .

Bilingual Birth Certificates from 1 March
On 1 March 2004 the Department of Internal Affairs will include a bilingual component in all newly issued birth certificates.

Second Discussion Paper on Site Payments
The Department has been reviewing its policy and licence conditions relating to gaming machine site payments. On 22 December 2003 we advised societies and interested parties that we intend to: maintain the status quo on site payments while relevant parts of the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977 continue in force; develop a site payments policy for The Gambling Act regime that comes into force on 1 July 2004.

Dog Control
The new Dog Control Amendment Act is intended to make New Zealand a safer place for children. An electronic (pdf) version of the Dog Control Amendment Act is now available from this website.

Dog Control Survey - Final Report
In response to the spate of dog attacks in early February, the Minister of Local Government instructed the Department of Internal Affairs to survey all territorial authorities on issues relating to dog control and the Dog Control Act 1996.

Gambling Act 2003
Summary information about the Gambling Act 2003.

Gambits (Gaming Compliance newsletter)
Summary of Gaming Licensing group newsletter Gambits, including downloadable electronic copies of the newsletter.

Problem Gambling Counselling in New Zealand 2002
National Statistics Report, April 2003 published by the Problem Gambling Committee. Summary and pdf version of publication for print or download.

Local Government Act 2002
Information about the Local Government Act 2002, including a link to the Act and latest news on its implementation.

Local Government Act 2002 - Implementation and Public Information
Information about the Department of Internal Affairs implentation programmefor the new Local Government and Rating Acts.

You and Your Council - New Ways Of Getting Involved
The Local Government Act 2002 provides more opportunities for you and your community to have a say in your council's decision-making (brochure).

General Policies of the Lottery Distribution Committees
Groups applying for Lottery grants over $25,000 no longer have to have their accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant, just a "suitably qualified person" (see information for definition). This page covers assessment criteria, legal status, financial requirements, eligibile purposes, accountability and review processes for the distribution of New Zealand Lottery Grants

Lake Facilities Development Proposals
There is a Crown allocation of $34,000 for expenditure on boating facilities at Lake Taupo. The Lake Facilities Planning and Development Forum advises the Department of Internal Affairs on appropriate expenditure of the allocation. Proposals can be made to the Forum. Link here to the approved criteria and application form.

Important Notice for Passport Holders:' L' series peeling passports
Important notice for holders of New Zealand Passports issued in the period 1993 to 1997.

New Passport Application Process
From 26 November 2003 most first time New Zealand passport applicants, lodging their application in New Zealand, will no longer need to provide supporting documents with their application form.

STV Information
Information on the STV electoral system, what it is, when it will be used in New Zealand, and the option for local authorities to adopt STV for local government elections.

Briefings to Incoming Ministers
Briefings to the 2002 Incoming Government.

New Gaming Machine Licence Conditions
Update on 1 October 2002 deadline for gaming societies to meet new licence conditions.

How to Monitor Internet Activity
Simple instructions on how to check the cache memory and history of Internet activity on a computer.

Annual Reports
A list of Department of Internal Affairs Annual Reports available electronically through this website with links to downloadable versions of the documents.

Rates and Lease Arrangements
The effect of the new Local Government (Rating) Act on leases is to bring rating arrangements for many commercial properties in line with the usual rating arrangements for residential property.

Application and Meeting Dates: 2003
Table of meeting and application expiry dates for Lottery Grants funding for 2003.

Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2002
Link to an electronic version of legislation establishing the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service and draft legislation.

Weathertightness homepage
Information and links about the 'Leaky Buildings' issue and how to register for the weathertightness service provided by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Blue Book - Recording hopper refills
A new form has been developed for use by gaming machine operators corresponding to Section 2.5 of the Gaming Machine Operations Manual (Blue Book) which sets out the requirements for recording hopper refills.

Press Releases
Link to Department of Internal Affairs press release index, with links to additional press releases relevant to the Department's work.

New Identity Services Fees
From the 1st of September there will be new fees for some birth, death and marriage, citizenship and passport products and services.

Maori and the Local Government Act
A summary of feedback from the series of workshops conducted in 2003 on Treaty of Waitangi issues and the Maori provisions in the Local Government Act 2002.

ARC Ministerial Review Request
Advice provided to the Minister of Local Government regarding a request for a Ministerial Review Authority for the Auckland Regional Council.

Citizenship Booklet Highlights Partnership Between Local and Central Government
Working with local authorities to organise successful citizenship ceremonies for local communities is the subject of a new handbook from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Draft Code of Practice for Internet Usage in Organisations
Internet policies and guidelines designed to ensure that staff are aware of the appropriate usage of the Internet and their responsibilities. This is a draft which organisations may adapt for their own purposes.

BRANZ Weathertightness Information
The Building Research Association of New Zealand, BRANZ, has produced a range of information about weathertightness and related issues, which can usually only be accessed by payment of a fee for each item. To assist homeowners and others to understand the issues, the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service is providing this information free of charge to users of its website.

Daylight Saving
Daylight Saving Time ends at 2am Standard Time (3am Daylight Time) on Sunday 21 March 2004.

Fire Service Funding Issues
The government is working towards a new approach to Fire Service funding.

Gaming Act Review
Information about the review of gaming legislation, including consultation documents, a database of submissions, cabinet papers, summary and analysis.

Recruitment & Vacancies
About the Department of Internal Affairs recruitment policy and workplace principles, with link to Index of Current Vacancies.

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