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Marae Heritage and Facilities

These marae facilities are eligible for funding.

The building of:

  • wharenui
  • wharekai
  • wharepaku
  • whare taonga
  • tangata whenua or manuhiri shelters, waka shelters.

The conservation of:
  • wharekarakia
  • urupa
  • pataka
  • tukutuku, whakairo, kowhaiwhai, photographs within the marae
  • memorials and flagpoles.

As parts of capital works projects:
  • whakairo
  • fixed equipment
  • land purchase
  • local authority costs.

  • feasibility studies
  • conservation reports.

Priority is generally given to:
  • projects that have at least one-third of their cost raised already
  • development of wharenui, wharekai and wharepaku facilities
  • projects that comply with all central and local authority standards, such as Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) requirements
  • projects that include facilities for people with disabilities
  • projects to be undertaken by appropriately qualified tradespeople, such as members of the Registered Master Builders' Federation.

The Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities distribution committee meets nationally three times a year. Check here for application closing dates and Distribution Committee meeting dates for 2004.

How to Apply
Read the information sheet to help you decide whether you are eligible to apply for a Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities grant. If you think you are, fill in an application form (on paper) using the guide to help you answer the questions. If you are interested in a grant for a feasibility study, download the guide to find out what is involved. You can print these out or get hard copy versions from your nearest Community Development office, by email or freephone (in New Zealand) 0800 824 824. Complete the application form using a black pen, and return by mail to: Lottery Grants, Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 805, Wellington.

The information sheet, application form and application guide are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read them. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

For more information, Email: or Freephone: 0800-824 824 (New Zealand only).

For more information and application details, Email: or Freephone: 0800 824 824 (New Zealand only).

Lottery Grants Records
Click here for a record of Marae Heritage grants awarded in 2001-2002

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