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How to Apply For New Zealand Citizenship

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(Statement on the use of macrons)

To apply for a grant of citizenship you will need to:
For more information
Complete an application form for a grant of citizenship

Provide the documents required

All Applicants (please provide original documents only):
  • birth certificate (if you are under 18 your birth certificate must include your parent's names)
  • all your passports and travel documents
  • marriage certificate(s)
  • divorce document(s)
  • name change documents if applicable (eg change of name by statutory declaration, deedpoll or adoption papers)
  • if you spend a lot of time travelling, a letter explaining why
  • passport style photo (see application form for full details).

Applicants Under 18 Years Old:
  • your parent's birth certificate or New Zealand citizenship certificate
  • adoption papers (if applicable)
  • proof of guardian's authority (if applicable).

Please see our information on
parental consent if only one parent/guardian is able to provide consent.

Applicants Who Are, Or Have Been, Married To A New Zealand Citizen:
  • evidence your spouse is a New Zealand citizen (eg New Zealand birth certificate, citizenship certificate or passport)
  • evidence of your continuing association with New Zealand.

Applicants Born Overseas Before 1978 And Whose Mother Was A New Zealand Citizen:
  • evidence your mother was a New Zealand citizen when you were born (eg birth certificate or citizenship certificate).

Samoan Citizens:
  • proof that you were in New Zealand on the 14th of September 1982 OR
  • proof that you have legally entered New Zealand after the 14th of September 1982 and you have been granted permanent residence status.
If you have any questions about what documents you need to provide please contact us

Pay the application fee:
Grants of citizenship (adult)NZ$460.00
Grants of citizenship (child under 16)NZ$230.00
Registration of citizenship by descent NZ$200.00
Confirmations of citizenship NZ$110.00
Denials of citizenship NZ$110.00
Replacement citizenship certificates NZ$110.00
Renunciation of citizenship NZ$390.00

Payment options (in New Zealand):

We recommend that you do not send cash in the mail.

As costs and means of payment at overseas posts may vary, please contact the relevant New Zealand High Commission, Consulate or Embassy.

Questions? Please contact us.

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