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ISPs and Internet Safety

What is an ISP?

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides third party access to the Internet. Customers simply use their modem to connect to the ISP, which then links them to the internet automatically. There are many ISPs to choose from.

Ask what your ISP can do for you...

When purchasing any commodity or service it's best to check out exactly what you're getting before you buy it. The same is true for ISPs. Here are some questions you might like to ask yourself, before choosing an ISP for your home, school or office computer:

  • What is their Internet policy? They should have one.
  • Do they provide any Internet Safety Service?
  • Some ISPs provide access to filtering software.
  • Some ISPs have "safe" website access.
For a list of New Zealand Internet Service Providers search the following pages:Disclaimer
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