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Certificates of Approval for Casino Employees

The Casino Control Act 1990 requires that all persons must hold a Certificate of Approval if they are employed in a casino in any capacity relating to the following:

  • the conduct of gaming
  • the movement of money or chips about the casino
  • the exchange of money or chips to customers in the casino
  • the counting of money or chips in the casino
  • the operation of, maintenance, construction, or repair of gaming equipment
  • the supervision or management of any of the above activities.

Positions in these areas involve handling large sums of money and chips and can impact on the integrity of gaming. It is in the public interest that people in these positions are honest, trustworthy and reliable. The approval system is designed to assure the integrity of casino employees.

For more information regarding Certificates of Approval please contact:

Gaming Compliance Unit
Department of Internal Affairs
46 Waring Taylor Street
P O Box 10-095

Phone: 04 494 0700
Freephone: 0800 257 887
Fax: 04 494 0656

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