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Casino Gaming

The Department of Internal Affairs is committed to ensuring gaming in casinos is fair, honest and lawful and remains free from criminal influence or exploitation.

Our Government Inspectors have an office on-site in all New Zealand casinos and form part of our
Gaming and Censorship Regulation Group. Their role includes handling complaints and ensuring casino gaming complies with the Casino Control Act 1990 and its amendments (search statutes by alphabetical listing), and gazetted casino game rules.

Note: The Gambling Act 2003 repeals the Casino Control Act 1990 and the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977 and integrates them into a single Act. Racing continues to be administered under the Racing Act 2003 (with some exceptions, such as gaming machine operations in TABs and racing clubs).

Casino Control Authority Functions
  • consider applications for casino licences
  • grant casino licences
  • approve the games to be played in casinos, including the rules
  • consider applications for the suspension or cancellation of casino licences.

How Government Inspectors Can Help You
Our Government Inspectors have offices on-site in all New Zealand casinos. You can speak to a Government Inspector and pass on any information or lay a formal complaint, if you have any concerns over the following:
  • the conduct of gaming in any casino
  • the integrity of gaming equipment in any casino
  • the integrity of any casino employee
  • the integrity of the casino operation
  • the presence of under age patrons (patrons must be 20 years of age to enter a casino).

The Government Inspectors will independently investigate your complaint and inform you of the findings.

If you are dissatisfied with the way in which a particular game was played, or the way in which you were paid or treated by casino staff, you should discuss this first with the casino's Gaming Shift Manager.

Government Inspectors Role
Our Government Inspectors are part of the Department's
Gaming and Censorship Regulation Group. Their role is to:
  • supervise the conduct of gaming and the operation of each casino
  • supervise the casino counts
  • inspect the gaming equipment and chips used in each casino
  • assist in the detection of offences committed against the Casino Control Act
  • receive applications for Certificates of Approval (required by people wishing to work in positions relating to gaming in any casino)
  • investigate any persons ongoing suitability to remain the holder of a Certificate of Approval
  • receive and independently investigate complaints from the casino customers relating to the conduct of gaming
  • provide reports to the Casino Control Authority regarding the operation of each casino.

Gazetted Casino Game Rules
All games played at a casino must be approved by the Casino Control Authority and published in the New Zealand Gazette. The casino and patrons must abide by the rules. Casino gaming staff must on request make available a copy of the gazetted rules.

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The Government Inspectors' office is on-site at the casino. You may advise any casino employee that you with to speak to a Government Inspector. Or, you can write, phone or email us:

National Manager Casino Compliance
PO Box 805
Phone: (04) 494 0617
Fax: (04) 495 7224

Auckland Casino Inspectors
P O Box 6596
Wellesley Street
Phone: (09) 363-6343
Fax: (09) 377-3343

Hamilton Casino Inspectors
PO Box 1543
Waikato Mail Centre
Ph: (07) 834-4924
Fax: (07) 834 4925

Christchurch Casino Inspectors
P O Box 13721
Phone: (03) 372-8884
Fax: (03) 365-2447

Dunedin Casino Inspectors
P O Box 857
Phone: (03) 474-6978
Fax: (03) 474-6979

Queenstown Casino Inspectors
P O Box 2
Phone: (03) 441-8587
Fax: (03) 442-7163

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