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Policy Group - Nga Kaiwhiri Kaupapa Here

NOTE: On 1 March 2004, the functions of the Policy Group were transferred to two new branches - the Local Government and Community Branch and the Regulation and Compliance Branch. Information on this page will be updated in due course.

The Policy Group provides policy advice and ministerial services to the Ministers of Internal Affairs, Local Government and Racing to enable them to effectively carry out their portfolio responsibilities. The portfolios of these Ministers cover:

The group monitors the performance of a range of Crown entities and has developed and implemented a Crown entity governance framework. It supports the local government system through administration of aspects of the statutory framework and provision of information (see Local Government Services). It also advises a number of other Ministers, including the Minister responsible for the Community and Voluntary Sector, and Associate Ministers as the need arises.

Key priorities and outputs

The Policy Group:
  • Carries out major strategic reviews (in 2001/2002 these include the Local Government Act Review, the Gaming Review, the Fire Service Funding Review and the Building Act Compliance Review).
  • Provides strategic policy advice.
  • Reviews legislation (or parts of Acts and associated regulations) and assists Ministers to introduce new or amended legislation.
  • Provides advice to Ministers to enable them to meet their statutory responsibilities under Acts for which they are responsible, including support for Ministers in the House and Select Comittees, speech notes and other ad hoc support.
  • Carries out Crown entity monitoring and administers appointments to a range of Crown entities and stautory bodies, including the Fire Service Commission (FSC), Building Industry Authority (BIA), Lottery Grants Board (LGB), Casino Control Authority (CCA), and the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC).
  • Prepares draft ministerial responses to Parliamentary Questions (including requests to Ministers under the Official Information Act), requests from the Ombudsman and a range of other official correspondence.

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