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Identity Services Group - Te Ratonga Tuakiri

The Identity Services Group is the primary source of information on personal identity and key life events. It registers birth, death and marriage details, issues passports and manages applications for New Zealand citizenship. It maintains a register, provides proof of New Zealand citizenship, issues passports and other documents, and manages New Zealand's births, deaths and marriage registries.

Passports issues over 250,000 New Zealand passports and other travel documents in New Zealand and throughout the world each year. The office can process a passport application within 10 working days - three if the urgent service is used.

Citizenship processes applications for New Zealand citizenship, records grants of citizenship, and arranges ceremonies where citizenship is conferred and new citizens welcomed. It also registers the citizenship of children born to New Zealanders overseas, and can provide confirmation of citizenship to any New Zealand citizen who requires it.

Births, Deaths and Marriages registers births, deaths, marriages, changes of name and marriage celebrants and provides access to this information, generally in the form of birth, death and marriage certificates.

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