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Community Development Group - Te Ropu Whakatinana Papa Kainga

NOTE: On 1 March 2004, the functions of the Community Development Group were transferred to a new Local Government and Community Branch, which also incorporated some of the functions of the Policy Group. Information on this page will be updated in due course.

The Community Development Group promotes the building of strong communities through the provision of advisory services, information, Lottery Grants, the Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) and other grants, which develop community capacity to address local issues. It administers CommunityNet Aotearoa which aims to improve on-line access to government by community groups and citizens.

The community development approach has three strands:

  • to encourage local solutions to local problems
  • to build government/voluntary sector partnerships
  • to provide excellent services to citizens and customers through best use of information technology.

Community Funding
The group administers and services the Lottery Grants Board and the network of Lottery Distribution Committees, preparing and processing application forms, advertising and publicising grant availability, investigating applicants and preparing reports on them, organising distribution committee meetings, arranging the distribution of grants and monitoring their use.

The distribution committees are:
and the Social Sector Committees:
Lottery grants are the profits of The New Zealand Lotteries Commission. (Enquiries about prizes should be directed to the Commission at P O Box 3145 Wellington Phone: (04) 802-7000).

The group administers and provides information and advice on the following community grants or funding schemes to support local initiatives, community services and community-based youth development:

(The Crisis Response Fund for community support after a youth suicide is now administered by the Ministry of Youth Affairs.)

Trust Administration
The group administers the following trusts and fellowships on behalf of the Government, providing advice and monitoring services, processing applications and advising Ministers:

The group administers the Community Trusts Act 1999, including administration of appointments to the 12 Community Trusts.

Community Advisory Services
The Community Development Group has trained Community Development Advisors working from 17 regional offices to provide information to community groups. The service is free.

Community Resources and Information
Through its activities with communities, action research and evaluation studies the Community Development Group produces resources and information that are of use to communities and community organisations.

Community Development Policy
The Community Policy Team was established in the Community Development Group in October 2001 to provide advice to the Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector and to government on:
  • the government's and CDG's role in community development
  • improving the mechanisms for resourcing communities
  • the community development perspective on key inter-agency projects

The Community Policy Team also provides strategic advice as required to the Lottery Grants Board and works closely with other government departments who have an interface with the Community and Voluntary Sector.

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Last updated: 10/03/2004