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Requirements: Within New Zealand

Requirements: Outside New Zealand

Passports for Children

Preventing Children Being Taken from New Zealand

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Important Notice for New Zealand Passport Holders

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Requirements: Outside New Zealand

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How to Apply
If you are living in Australia, the United Kingdom or elsewhere, you can apply for your passport from our
Sydney or London or Overseas Posts Passport Offices.

Applicants in Australia must use the form: Application for a New Zealand Passport when lodged in Australia (PAS1A) (see download below).

Applicants in the United Kingdom must use the form: Application for a New Zealand Passport when lodged in the United Kingdom (PAS1UK) (see download below). International despatch of passports from the London office.

Applicants applying outside of Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand may use the form: Application for a New Zealand Passport at a New Zealand Embassy, High Commission or Consulate authorised to issue New Zealand passports (PAS OS POST). There are currently 36 locations around the world (see directory below). For further useful information visit the New Zealand Embassy web site.

Some diplomatic posts offer both a 10 working day and a three working day service, while others offer only a three working day service. Please note that Overseas Posts can only issue non machine-readable passports, which do not meet US visa entry requirements.

To obtain an application form contact your nearest diplomatic post, or download one here:
Note: We have a new application process when the application is lodged in New Zealand

Once the form is downloaded to your computer, you can print it, then complete it using a pen and return the form and accompanying material to us by mail. Forms are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site. 

Application Fees
Passport fees must be paid with each application in the currency of the country where the application is lodged. Please do not send cash through the mail. Click here for a
Handy Currency Converter. You must confirm the exact fee payable by checking the table below.

Table of Fees

Ten-Day Service
Total cost per application
Three-Day Service
Total cost per application
Overseas Posts
Child (under 16 years)

New Zealand
Child (under 16 years)

Child (under 16 years)

United Kingdom
Child (under 16 years)

Credit Card Payments
Credit card payments can only be made for applications sent to New Zealand, Australia or United Kingdom for processing. This includes MasterCard/Bankcard or Visa credit card or Switch/Solo* (United Kingdom only*). AMEX or DINERS credit cards are not accepted. Please state the type of card and provide your account number, amount to be paid, expiry date of your card (month and year) and the full name that appears on your card. Payment may also be made by bank draft or bank cheque, payable to 'Department of Internal Affairs'.

Bank Draft or Bank Cheque Payments
Payment to New Zealand Embassies, High Commissions or Consulates may be made by bank draft or bank cheque payable to 'Department of Internal Affairs'.

Payments General
All payments must be in the currency of the country to which you are sending your application for processing.   

Please Note:
If a cheque, which is dishonoured by the bank, makes payment of any fees the applicant will be liable for the costs incurred by the Department of Internal Affairs in recovering that fee. Additional cost will include any reasonable bank and debt collector charges. Liability: Where fees have not been paid in respect of an issued passport, the validity of the passport may be affected.

Directory of New Zealand Diplomatic Posts
Click on the location nearest to you, to find out what service is offered and how you can find out the cost in local currency.

North America

Central and South America
Western Europe
  • Berlin (three working day service only)
  • Brussels (three working day service only)
  • Geneva (three working day service only)
  • Madrid (three working day service only)
  • Paris (three working day service only)
  • Rome (three working day service only)
  • The Hague (three working day service only).

Central and Eastern Europe
  • Moscow (three working day service only).

Middle East
  • Ankara (three working day service only)
  • Riyadh (three working day service only).

  • Pretoria (three working day service only).

North & West Asia
  • Beijing (three working day service only)
  • New Delhi (three working day service only).

South East Asia
  • Hong Kong (10 and three working day service)
  • Bangkok (three working day service only)
  • Jakarta (three working day service only)
  • Ha Noi (three working day service only)
  • Kuala Lumpur (three working day service only)
  • Manila (three working day service only)
  • Seoul (three working day service only)
  • Singapore (three working day service only)
  • Tokyo (three working day service only).

  • Apia (10 and three working day service)
  • Niue (10 and three working day service)
  • Rarotonga (10 and three working day service)
  • Nuku'alofa (three working day service only)
  • Port Moresby (three working day service only)
  • Suva (three working day service only).

International Despatch of Passports from the London Office
If you are applying to our London office for your passport from outside of the United Kingdom, the following methods of despatch are available to you:

Registered Airmail
This is the standard method of despatch and the cost is covered by your passport fee. While the Royal Mail in the United Kingdom cannot offer any guarantees of delivery time, it takes approximately 5-7 days for delivery anywhere in the world.

Courier using our account
This is the quickest and most secure method of delivery. The cost of courier is in addition to your passport fee. The best method of organising a courier is to pay for your passport by credit card and authorise the London Passport Office to take the additional courier costs from your card. If you wish to use this option you can simply enclose a note with your application form. Our main courier company is TNT International.

European Union Countries
1-2 days
European Countries outside of the EU
2-3 days
North America
1-2 days
South America
2-3 days
Middle East
2-3 days

For other destinations please contact us at

Please note that costs are approximate and change as a result of fluctuating fuel costs and exchange rates.

Courier using your account
If you have an account with a recognised international courier company you can advise us of the account number and we will arrange the courier for you.

Please note that some courier companies in the United Kingdom will not take bookings without a formal account being established. This means simply providing your credit card details for companies other than TNT will not be sufficient for us to arrange a courier for you.

Prepaid courier envelopes
If you buy prepaid courier envelopes ensure that they will be accepted in the United Kingdom by the courier company. Please include and email address with your application if you select this option, as pick up of prepaid envelopes must be organised from the originating country.

We would prefer you to use options 1, 2 or 3 above instead of prepaid envelopes.

If you choose to use a courier company please ensure that the value noted on the airways bill is zero and the contents is described only as documents. This will ensure that there are no delays at United Kingdom Customs.

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