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Passports for Children

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Children require their own passports. A child is a person aged under 16 years for the purposes of a passport application. The written consent of one parent/guardian only is required for the issue of a passport to a child.

Consenting Parent or Guardianship Status Must be Proved
If consent is given by the child's parent or guardian (someone who is not the parent), documentary proof of parenthood or guardianship is required.

For a child's parent this will be a copy of the child's birth registration record. One that records the full name of the child's parents. For applications lodged in New Zealand only a New Zealand birth registration record will not be required as we have a new passport application process. Please read the notes on the form you are using to see if documents are required or for further details contact us.

For a guardian, this will be a Guardianship Order issued by a New Zealand Court or an original copy of a parent's Will appointing a Testamentary Guardian, and the parent's death certificate. A custody order is not acceptable for this purpose. A step-parent is not, in a legal sense, a child's guardian.

Custody Orders
A child who is a New Zealand citizen is entitled, as of right, to a New Zealand passport. The consent of one parent named on the child's birth registration record or guardianship documentation is required.

Under the Passports Act 1992, a passport will be refused only if there is a Court order made in New Zealand, or registered in New Zealand from overseas, preventing the issue of a passport or removal of the child from his/her country of residence.

A custody order that awards custody/access to one parent or guardian will not prevent the other parent from obtaining a passport for their child.

The Passport Office can only discuss the details of a child's application with the consenting parent or guardian as stated on the application form, unless prior handwritten permission is provided by the consenting parent or guardian.

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