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Health Research

The Lottery Health Research committee funds research projects that will improve the health status of New Zealanders.

For 2003-4 the Lottery Grants Board has allocated NZ$1,914,300 to Lottery Health Research to distribute as grants to fund:

  • research into the cause, prevention and treatment of disorders affecting the health of New Zealanders
  • research that will lead to advances in health and bio-medical science for the ultimate benefit of all New Zealanders
  • the development, maintenance and retention of a highly skilled workforce of health and bio-medical researchers in New Zealand.

The Lottery Health Research committee meets once a year in November. The closing date for applications is 1 September. Check here for other application closing dates and distribution committee meeting dates for 2003)

How to Apply

Read the Information Sheet to see if you are eligible for a Lottery Health Research grant. If you are, complete the relevant Application Form. The relevant Referee Report will also need to be completed.

Research Projects and Shared Equipment
· Research Projects and Shared Equipment - Application form and Application Guide
· Guidelines for referees and the Referee Report form
· Webpage for online referee reporting.

PhD Scholarships
· PhD Scholarships - Application form and Application Guide.
· Guidelines for PhD referees and the Referee Report form (in .pdf format for filling in and printing immediately, or printing out and filling in later)
· Webpage for online referee reporting.

The Information Sheet, forms and Application Guide are in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read them. You can download this free from the Adobe site.
The application forms can be filled in on-screen, but must be printed out, signed, eight copies made, and posted or couriered to:
Lottery Health Research,
Department of Internal Affairs,
46 Waring Taylor Street,
PO Box 805,
New Zealand.

While it is not possible to save a partially filled-in application using Acrobat Reader, it is possible to print out those pages that have been filled in and complete other pages later. Note that some information is automatically calculated.

For more information and application details, email: or Freephone: 0800 824 824 (New Zealand only).

These application forms were updated in March 2003. If you identify any errors or oversights, please email: email:

Lottery Grants Records
Click here for a record of Health Research grants awarded in 2001-2002

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