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Information for Interns

Good reasons to apply to be a Community Internship Programme intern:

It is a great chance to make a truly constructive contribution to your community using your special skills and experience.

  • For your own personal and professional development.
  • To take some time out from your current employment to work in a different, challenging and stimulating environment.
  • To meet inspiring people and gain a new perspective.
  • To bring a new community perspective back to your regular workplace.
Becoming an intern adds a whole new dimension to your personal and working life.

How it works

Interns are employed for a limited time to undertake tasks or a project identified by the host organisation. Your placement may be through secondment from your home organisation, by taking leave without pay from your current employment, or being contracted out by your home organisation. These details will be arranged with the agreement of the host organisation and your home organisation.

The host community organisation receives a grant for your salary. You may wish to discuss with your current employer the possibility of them supplementing your pay to sustain your current salary rate and maintaining any other employment conditions you are currently enjoying. Each intern negotiates their own employment agreement with the host organisation, although the funding received by the host organisation from the Department of Internal Affairs is non-negotiable.

Please note: The Community Internship Programme is not designed to cater for individual internship proposals from overseas.

What you need to do:

1. Read the goals of the programme and the descriptions of the key participants on the front of this information sheet.
    2. Gain the agreement of your home organisation to apply. Your home organisation will need to attach to the application a letter agreeing to your participation in the programme.

    3. Identify a host community organisation to apply with. If you do not have a host community organisation to apply with contact your local Community Development Group advisor for advice. (See the contact list on the back of this information sheet).

    4. Together with the host organisation and your home organisation, fill out the application form provided in this foldout or a copy downloaded from the Department of Internal Affairs website []. Attach to the application form your CV and the letters required as detailed on the back of the application form.

    5. Ensure it is all posted to the Community Development Group national office: Community Internship Programme, Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 805 Wellington.

    6. Applications should be received no later than Friday 17 October 2003.

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