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Information for Employers/ Home Organisations

The advantages the Community Internship Programme offers to employers / home organisations of interns include:

  • A different kind of professional development for your staff.
  • The opportunity to give constructively to your community.
  • The ability to build new relationships across sectors.
  • Offering your employee a new environment and a chance to renew their energy and initiative for their permanent job.

How it works

Each successful intern will be placed with their host community organisation for a limited period to undertake the tasks or a project as outlined by the host organisation in the application. The host community organisation will receive funding for the intern's salary, resource costs associated with the internship and GST. For details of this funding see 'Information for host organisations' in this brochure. At the conclusion of the internship the intern will return to your organisation to resume their previous employment.

There is a range of options around how you can manage the placement of your employee to support existing workplace systems and conditions. Placements can be by secondment, contract, or the employee taking leave from the workplace. You will need to discuss this with your intern and the host organisation. As you will be maintaining your relationship with your employee beyond the term of the internship you may wish to consider maintaining their income level, their work conditions or work benefits for the duration of the internship.

What you need to do:

1. Read the goals of the programme and the descriptions of the participants on the front of this information sheet.
    2. Pass this information pack on to potential interns amongst your staff and encourage them to apply.

    3. Identify a host community organisation to apply with. If you do not have a host community organisation to apply with contact your local Community Development Group advisor for advice. (See contact list on the back of this information sheet).

    4. Agree with the host community organisation the hours and period of internship you are prepared to release your staff member for.
      5. You will need to provide each employee that is applying with a signed and dated letter agreeing to release them for an internship. This letter will accompany their application to become an intern.
        6. Applications are due at the Community Development Group national office no later than Friday 17 October 2003.

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