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How the Programme Works

Each successful host organisation receives a grant for the salary of the intern and some resource costs associated with the internship. Applications can be made for three different internship sizes:

Internship size
Full-time equivalent
Salary grantResource costs
GSTTotal grant
6 months
(1040 hrs)
4.5 months
(780 hrs)
3 months
(520 hrs)

The start and finish dates and the plan for how the intern's hours will distributed within the CIP timeframe (see below) is a matter for agreement between the intern and their home and host organisations.

Applications closeFriday 17 October 2003
Decisions announcedEarly December 2003
Internships start12 January 2004 – 31 March 2004
All internships must be completed by31 March 2005

Criteria for selection
In addition to fitting the descriptions of the key participants and meeting the goals of the programme as stated on this information sheet, each internship application must be accompanied by all of the information requested on the application form. Applicants selected must also be willing to provide a report of their experience and participate in an evaluation of the programme if required.

In 2003 all applications to the CIP must be made jointly by the host organisation, intern and home organisation. (This is a change to the way the programme operated in the previous two years). Interns who do not have a host organisation to apply with and host organisations without an intern can contact their regional Community Development Group advisor responsible for coordinating the CIP process in their region. The advisor may be able to assist in finding a match by linking interns and their home organisations with host organisations who have also contacted the advisor, or by suggesting potential partners to approach.

One application may contain alternative proposals for use of two or three different internship durations.

The application processes for all participants are detailed in this flyer.

Previous participants
The programme is not open to host organisations and interns who participated in the last two funding rounds. Employers that have participated as home organisations are able to apply in consecutive years with different interns.

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