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Social Entrepreneur Scheme

(Please note that funding for this scheme is currently fully committed until July 2005)

The Social Entrepreneur Scheme is a realignment of the Community Project Worker Scheme (CPWS), which has been running since 1990. From its launch until 2001, the CPWS supported non-government agencies to employ youth workers to work with at-risk youth. The new approach recognises the need to address some of the basic causes of youth alienation and to create an environment for youth development by effecting change through a wide set of government, community and youth-driven initiatives. It provides funding to community organisations to employ a key person who can be a social entrepreneur - an agent for change in their community.

The projects are directed to youth but will also have a wider community development focus and will support workers with the capability to effect change in their communities.

Projects funded by the Social Entrepreneur Scheme must:

  • Employ a key person who can be a social entrepreneur
  • Be oriented toward youth development and community development outcomes
  • Address some of the basic causes of youth alienation
  • Be innovative
  • Have had youth input into their design and have an element of ownership by youth
  • Build social capital
  • Have the administrative capacity to support the Social Entrepreneur and project

The Social Entrepreneur Scheme will fund approximately 17 projects at a cost of $50,000 to $60,000 each for up to four years. One-off proposals may also be considered. Funding through the Social Entrepreneur Scheme pays for the salary of a key person in the community plus assistance with operational, programme and administrative costs. Some projects may be funded for smaller amounts or as a joint venture between the Department and another agency.

The Fund is not open for general applications. It is based on a regional youth needs analysis, and projects are selected to meet identified gaps. In any one year, funding will be available for only a small number of new projects.

More information
All application enquiries are to be directed to regional offices.

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