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Weathertightness homepage

Welcome to the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service (WHRS) website. This site provides information about leaky homes and the WHRS, which was set up by the government in December 2002 to help owners of affected properties.

Included on the site are answers to frequently asked questions about the WHRS, how to contact the WHRS, and advice on completing the claim form. Under latest news and information you will find the weekly media releases, which provide a regional breakdown of the number of people using the WHRS, and other announcements about WHRS services.

General issues around leaky homes are addressed under what is the problem? and you can download BRANZ weathertightness information about specific building topics. If your home is leaking you'll find advice under what to do if you have water damage.

The WHRS provides access to information in other languages for non-English speakers.

Copies of WHRS Adjudication Determinations can be ordered from this site and there is a link to the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2002.

Background information includes a timeline of events leading up to the establishment of the WHRS, relevant Cabinet papers, a glossary of terms and related links to other useful websites.

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