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Gaming Policy

The Policy Group provides advice to the Minister of Internal Affairs on gaming issues.


The Department of Internal Affairs administers the following statutes:
  • Gambling Act 2003
    Note: The Gambling Act 2003 repeals the Casino Control Act 1990 and the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977 and integrates them into a single Act. Racing continues to be administered under the Racing Act 2003 (with some exceptions, such as gaming machine operations in TABs and racing clubs).
  • Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977 governs the conduct and operation of lotteries, games of chance (including housie), instant games, prize competitions, and non-casino gaming machines.
  • Casino Control Act 1990 provides for the establishment and operation of commercial casinos to promote tourism, employment and economic development. Establishes the Casino Control Authority to license and regulate casinos.
  • Casino Control (Moratorium) Amendment Act 1997 provides for a three year moratorium on new casino premises licence applications being considered between 16 October 1997 and 15 October 2000.
  • Casino Control (Moratorium Extension) Amendment Act 2000 provides for an extended three year moratorium on new casino premises licence applications being considered until 15 October 2003.
  • Racing Act 2003 (Search statutes by alphabetical listing) provides the framework for the regulation and governance of the racing industry.

The following statutes are administered by other agencies, but impact on gaming:
  • Gaming Duties Act 1971 provides for the payment of sector-specific duties by the TAB and racing clubs, the Lotteries Commission, gaming machine societies and casinos (responsibility of the Inland Revenue Department).
  • Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996 minimises money laundering by imposing reporting obligations on financial institutions (responsibility of the Minister of Justice). Licenced casino operators and the TAB are defined as 'financial institutions' for the purposes of the Act.

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