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Dog Control

Introduction: Hon Chris Carter, Minister of Local Government

The new Dog Control Amendment Act is intended to make New Zealand a safer place for children.

The Act was passed in November 2003 and will come into force progressively, adding a range of safety measures to the controls on dogs already in place.

The Act lays out a new inventory of tools for local councils to use to crack down on unregistered dogs, roaming dogs, and irresponsible owners. Fines and penalties have been increased for erring owners, and sensible steps have been taken to enable councils to take a more preventative approach to keeping children clear of uncontrolled dogs in public spaces. The Act also controls particular breeds of dangerous dogs and provides for microchipping new puppies after 2006.

This website provides background to the Act and other information about dogs and dog control. You can also visit our site for practical information for children and grown-ups about being safe around dogs.

Dogs are a part of New Zealand life. The government promotes responsible dog ownership so individuals, families and the owners of working dogs can continue to enjoy the benefits of having dogs. This site is a part of that effort, which the government undertakes in partnership with local authorities and community organisations.

Hon Chris Carter
Minister of Local Government


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  • NEW! Link here to New Zealand Dog Safety - Practical information for children and grown-ups about being safe around dogs.

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