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Review of Fire Legislation

Introduction: Hon George Hawkins, Minister of Internal Affairs

Hon George Hawkins, Minister of Internal Affairs
    A review of New Zealand's Fire Legislation has been announced (link to media release).

    The purpose of this review is to acknowledge the evolving rescue role of the Fire Service and resolve inconsistencies between urban and rural fire systems.

    The Fire Service has a growing role in assisting at road accidents and in the development of urban search and rescue capability. It also has new duties under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002.

    Working with Local Government New Zealand and the Fire Service Commission, we intend to develop a single comprehensive framework for fire management.

    The planned new single integrated piece of fire and rescue legislation will replace the existing Fire Service Act 1975 and the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977. It is to be developed by the Department of Internal Affairs, in consultation with Local Government New Zealand, the Fire Service Commission and government agencies.

    The input of all interested parties is encouraged in this process. The key issues and framework for the proposed new legislation are laid out in the following documents, and on the pages of this website. The process and dates for making submissions is also outlined here. This website will be regularly updated to keep you informed of progress over the coming months.

    Hon George Hawkins
    Minister of Internal Affairs

Key Documents

  • Fire Management in New Zealand - Background to the Ministerial report. A concise account of the current status of fire management services in New Zealand, including the role of fire services in wider emergency and first response activity.
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