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Corporate Services

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Corporate Services

The Department of Internal Affairs Corporate Services team consists of the following four groups, each led by a person who reports directly to the Chief Executive and is a member of the Executive Management Team:

  • Capability and Communications, with responsibilities for staff and stakeholders, and the Department's organisational development, culture and future capability, marketing and communications. This group also includes the Effectiveness for Maori Unit.
  • Finance and Performance, with responsibilities for finance, planning and performance assurance, and integrating the Department's planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting processes.
  • Information and Facilities, with responsibilities for information, technologies and facilities, and creating the work environment - both physical and digital - in which staff can do their best work.
  • Strategic Support, with responsibilities for strategy co-ordination and professional services, and supporting the Chief Executive's responsibility for representing the Department as a single organisation. This group includes Research Services.

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