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Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control (PACDAC)


  Members of PACDAC   DIS report to PACDAC:  Feb-Jun 2002
  Meeting minutes  Feb 2003   DIS report to PACDAC:  July-Nov 2002
  Dept of Internal Affairs for PACDAC/PADET  forms   DIS report to PACDAC:  Dec 2002-Feb 2003
  DIS report to PACDAC:  Feb-Jul 2003   NEW


PACDAC was established by the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act 1987 to:

  Advise the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade on such aspects of disarmament and arms control matters as it thinks fit.
   Advise the Prime Minister on the implementation of the Act.
  To make recommendations to the Trustee of the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust (PADET) for grants which promote greater understanding of disarmament and arms control matters.

The Act provides for the Committee to consist of 9 members, one of whom should be the Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control as Chair.  The other eight are appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade for a maximum of three years.  Members may from time to time be reappointed for a further term.

The Committee has been meeting in Wellington around three times a year for up to a day, with Disarmament Division (DIS) (formerly ISAC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade acting as its secretariat.  It has been devoting most of its time to the allocation of PADET funds - approximately $140,000 per annum.  The Secretary of Internal Affairs is the Trustee for PADET, with officials from the Department of Internal Affairs’ Trusts and Appointments Unit acting as PADET’s secretariat and assisting PACDAC in its consideration of applications.  For applications, please use this link toDepartment of Internal Affairs websiteIn order to avoid conflict of interest, PACDAC expects members to declare any interest in specific applications for funds and to stand aside from consideration of such applications.  DIS (Disarmament) has also provided the Committee with written and oral briefings on current disarmament and arms control issues.

Members are paid an honorarium of $170 for each day of meeting, plus actual travel expenses incurred.

Members of PACDAC
Mr Stuart McMillan
Mr Cameron Bennett
Brigadier Roger Mortlock
Dr Kate Dewes
Dr John Henderson
PADAC Committee Members and link to top of page
Professor Ann Trotter
Ms Pauline Tangiora
Dr John Harre