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LG Know How

LG Know How Steering Group

Local Government KnowHow will provide councils with the guidance, templates, "best practice" advice and ongoing training that will enable them to implement the new Local Government and Rating Acts successfully.

The things this project will produce are for councils to pick up and adapt for their own use. This will save them from having to go through costly development processes of their own and applies particularly where new processes or procedures result from the legislative changes.

For each of the legislative areas that there are changes, there is a project team that has been established.

Project teams cover:

  • council planning processes
  • regulatory tools
  • rating systems
  • governance requirements
  • consultation
  • relationships.

There is also a team focused on "outcomes" that will develop models for identifying outcomes and working collaboratively. They will also produce national indicators and a "how to" guide on community planning.

Each project team consists of people from within local and central government plus any other area where input will be valuable. Details of the make up of these teams and their scope, outputs and timing can be obtained from the Local Government New Zealand website

Local Government KnowHow is led by Local Government New Zealand, the Department of Internal Affairs and SOLGM. There is a national Steering Group chaired by the Hon Margaret Shields.

Chair: Hon Margaret Shields (LGNZ)
Other Members:
Peter Winder (LGNZ)
Mike Richardson (Christchurch)
Warwick Bennett (SOLGM)
Rod Titcombe (SOLGM)
Christopher Blake (DIA)
Ros Plimmer (DIA)
Kerry Marshall (Ministerial Nominee)
Judy Voullaire (Ministerial Nominee)
Assigned Secretariat Member: Mike Reid
NB David Smith (SOLGM) and Fiona Illingsworth (DIA) also attend as "observers".
Scope: LIS is the body charged with oversight of the work of the other teams. It will approve all products before their release. The Secretariat will also produce a Beginners Guide to the LGA on behalf of LIS
Products: Beginners Guide
Next Meeting Date: To Be Confirmed
Expected Completion Date:
LIS will wind up six months after the "go-live" date for the Local Government Act

The Beginners Guide will be released in November 2002 or the day after enactment of the Bill (whichever is the latter)

ChargesLGNZ Members - none
Non - Local Government New Zealand members - $200


LG Know How

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